Our Great Story

ConstrArt Architecture & Real Estate is located in Gialova, Messinia, and is specialized in the area around Pylos, one of the most beautiful and historical spots of Greece, which despite the state of economy, is still growing, offering new possibilities for investment.

Our goal is to seek through the most promising properties in our region, promoting “value for money” proposals, without excluding those of “high potential” long-time investments.

Like A Home


Buying a house in our area is an acquisition and investment offering certain advantages and good prospects. If you have already made your choice,  will provide you with comprehensive and competent support in searching for real estate or constructing a house.

Living in Touch with the History

Once you are an owner of a house, apartment or villa, you acquire much more than just a piece of real estate. Natural resources and favorable climate of the country of the legendary heroes and exciting myths will be right outside the door of your home!

In Greece Like at Home

The local culture that is close and understandable to each of us, friendliness and hospitability of locals and the similarity of their mindset will help you feel comfortable and even more like at home.


Why Choose Us?

The experience and knowledge we possess in planning, design and construction process, is a guarantee for those who need to build their dream on their own. The projects we have done so far in the region, have proven our creations distinctive over the years, and very successful for both owners/professionals and users/visitors.

ConstrArt will provide the highest chances for your property sale and the best possible opportunities in purchasing, renting or constructing the property of your dreams.

Giorgos Karabatsos – Architect, Constructor, Real Estate Agent.